What Are De Moi Luxe Roses?
Answer :
Our entire line of DML Roses are real, preserved roses that have been delicately cultivated from our Rose Garden. Our stunning boxes are the perfect addition to any room.
Do DML Roses Really Last a Year?
Answer :
Yes! With proper care, these delicate roses maintain their beautiful appearance for up to a year or two.
How Do DML Roses Last a Year?
Answer :
To ensure roses last the one to two year span, the process of an organic solution and color pigmentation have kept the roses fresh. The preservation process is one that helps the roses stay fresh and beautifully colored.
Can I Design DML Rose Arrangement?
Answer :
Yes, of course! We have an extensive color palette of roses for you to choose from, as well as a variety of different designs and arrangement patterns. Our original modern keepsake boxes come in different colors, allowing you to completely customize your own arrangement. Additionally, if you need assistance, our team can help you create your own ideal and impeccable arrangement.
Can I Take the Flowers Out of the Box?
Answer :
No, this is not suggested. During the creation of each custom rose arrangement, the roses are meticulously placed within the box. Removing the roses will damage them and ruin the arrangement. Leave roses in box for entire lifespan.
How Do I Care for De Moi Luxe Roses?
Answer :
It is very simple! Unlike normal roses which may require constant watering, a change of vases, and grooming of loose, wilted petals, our roses maintain their freshness and longevity for up to a year or two without tedious and time-consuming maintenance.

Simply keep the roses away from direct sunlight and within normal room temperature, and your stylish arrangement will retain its elegance and grace for up to two years.
Can I Schedule a DML Roses for a Specific Time and Date?
Answer :
You can choose the exact date you wish for your arrangement to be delivered during the ordering process. Orders within Houston area can be same day delivery.

The specific time of delivery is highly dependent on the courier and what the most optimal route for an area might be. As such, we are unable to guarantee a specific delivery time.
Do You Ship Overseas?
We do not ship overseas. Sorry for the inconvenience.